Our child-centered program addresses each child individually.
Our mission is to build confidence and love of learning, giving students a solid
foundation for a healthy and happy life.

Our teachers are dedicated to helping each child discover
his or her unique potential – academically, socially, and interpersonally.

We operate in a one-room-schoolhouse environment.  To us, that means that we allow for freedom and flexibility in each and every school day.  Each child is encouraged to learn in the way that suits him/her best and at the speed that is most appropriate for that child.  That way a fast learner can progress through additional material and a more deliberately paced child can take time for the extra study he or she needs before moving on.  We insist that each child master an area before being allowed to progress.  That means that your child might repeat a lesson several times in order to really comprehend the information.  And, it also means that no one is permitted to fail.

We are registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a K-12 day school operated by a bona fide religious organization.  We are not affiliated with any specific church or denomination, but are regulated by a private, non-profit corporation formed for the creation and oversight of Christian schools. 

HCA was originally formed to meet the needs of a friend’s child and our own children, who were not finding their needs met by the public and private school options in our area.  We wanted an environment that nurtured and challenged our children and allowed them to learn in a way that worked best for them.

We invite you to learn more about us and to request an interview.  An application form can be downloaded by clicking here.

15167 Dutrow Ave.
Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214
Rev. Kelly Crenshaw, Administrator
Cell Phone: 301-991-7313 
Office Hours:  By Appointment
Email:  Pastor.Kelly@comcast.net
You are invited to make an appointment to stop by and visit our school.

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Welcome to our school website.  We look forward to getting to know your family.